A program of


You do NOT need to be a member of CoVort to join a MASTERMIND!

At CoVort Mastermind Groups we believe companies that achieve their goals do so only through intentional effort over a sustained period of time.  We have built a program where participants will:

  • Set, and be held accountable for, the goals most important to you in your business
  • Leverage the expertise of the group and Lisa and Jason to make better-informed decisions
  • Participate in professionally facilitated monthly meetings with peers who are driven to succeed
  • Co-create a community of like-minded business owners from around the state
  • Get personalized attention and genuine concern for your success from Lisa and Jason

All members will participate in group meetings that are professionally facilitated by Lisa Liberatore.   Additionally, you get monthly individualized meetings with Dr. Jason Harkins and Lisa Liberatore to motivate you and help drive your business forward by leveraging a proven accountability method.  

Applying to a CoVort Mastermind Group:

Applications are open now until 5/1/17

Interviews will be held with applicants to assess focal areas and fit with the program throughout May.  We will put together groups of 6-10 companies with similar focal areas in May.

Initial meetings will be scheduled for the first two weeks in June

You do NOT need to be a member of CoVort to be a part of the Mastermind!

Program Details

Minimum 12 month commitment at $125/month (less than $25/hr)*

Max group size is 10 with membership determined according to needs.

Included Meetings:

Week 1 - 90 minute group session at CoVort

Week 2 - 30 minute individual phone session with Lisa and/or Jason

Week 3 - 60 minute individual session with Lisa and Jason (phone or in person)

Week 4 - 30 minute individual phone session with Lisa and/or Jason

Additional Perks:

Free day pass at CoVort the day of the group Mastermind meeting

20% off membership at CoVort for as long as you are a member of the Mastermind

Discounted Conference Room Rental

Annual full day retreat held off-site

*Discount available to Chamber members.